What was the Franklin D. Roosevelt response to the depression?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Question 1: Answer each question below. 

From 1920 to 1929, the United States enjoyed unparalleled prosperity. With the Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed, that prosperity disappeared. Many historians and others argue that the crash of 2007 and the deep recession that followed are curiously parallel in their nature, but all agree that the government’s response to the two economic crises were different.

What was the Franklin D. Roosevelt response to the depression?

Did the myriad of government programs work to alleviate the problem, or were they simply a series of steps that, while they calmed the fears of the nation, did little to address the underlying issues?

How did Presidents Bush and Obama respond to the 2007 crash and the financial crisis that followed?

How did their responses differ from the Roosevelt New Deal actions?

In your essay, be specific citing and assessing the actions taken by all three presidents

Question 2B. Answer each question below. 

Following the terrorist attack on the world trade center in NY on 9/11/01, the U.S. chose to begin a “war on terrorism.” Discuss that war. Do not restrict your discussion to the physical battles in the Middle East.

What did we mean by that phrase?

What brought us into an expanded war that encompassed both Iraq and Afghanistan?

What were our stated goals?

Did we achieve those goals?

What were the consequences of the war in America and on the American way of life at home?

On the American economy? Be specific.

Why did Americans who so vocally and often violently protested the war in Vietnam for the most part acquiesce in the war with Iraq?