Discuss how the theories of ethics

The theories of ethics

As a manager you will be inevitably faced with moral dilemmas and it is sometimes difficult to determine what one’s moral responsibilities actually are. Conflicting responsibilities between an individual and the organisation itself are also likely to arise. There is often a cost to being true to what one believes is the morally right thing to do, which may, as in the case of whistleblowing, end in the loss of one’s job. This week we will discuss some of the ethical considerations connected to the most typical of organisational practices.

The lecture reading for this week titled ‘Ethics at Work’. The reading can be found on custom page 150 of the eBook. If you have not purchased the eBook you will need to venture to the library to track down the textbook from which the chapter has been sourced (full reference for the reading is in the weekly reading list on UTS Online).

Ahead of your allocated tutorial this week it is expected that you will complete the following:

Answer: In the workplace, employers and employees have rights and responsibilities. Discuss how the theories of ethics presented in the chapter 2 reading impact on these rights and responsibilities. Upload your discussion (approx. 150 words) to Turnitin prior to your allocated tutorial time.
When responding to pre-tutorial question consider how the ethical theories we have been discussing (<link is hidden>egoism, utilitarianism, Kant’s ethics etc.) relate the workplace rights and obligations (see pages 101 – 108 of custom text).

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