Contrasting the theological beliefs of Christianity and Buddhism

Theological beliefs of Christianity and Buddhism

Instruction from professor

This Final Paper will focus on Buddhism. Begin by comparing and contrasting the theological beliefs of Christianity (or only on Roman Catholic) with Chinese Zen Buddhism, Japanese Pure Land Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. Please outline the origins, theological beliefs, major ethical and moral teachings of each religion, noting how they are different from each other and how they are similar.

(You can choose to compare the same Buddhism of your own group presentation. But you have to watch a different group’s video.)

Then, begin to reflect on your own beliefs and if learning more about Buddhism (I understand that you may be a Buddhist) in any way impacted or informed your own thoughts on religion, morality, culture, etc. Please use specific references to texts or discussion posts and especially from your classmates presentations wherever possible. (The comparison has to be at least 3-4 pages.)

In addition, please watch a video on Buddhism by your classmates. The video cannot be your group. That means if your group produced one of the Buddhist presentation (Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan), you have to watch another group. Please give one positive remark and one comment on area of improvement. (This can be shorter than 1 page.)

Please consider whether were there were things in these last four weeks that surprised you or made you want to learn more. Were there ideas or concepts that you had trouble relating to, or that you still have questions about? Were there issues of value and justice that you would like to explore more deeply? Finally, reflect on how you might use some of the information you learned in this class in your life outside.

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