Collaborative Learning Community (CLC)

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.

Write a 750-1,000 word paper that explains the root cause analysis process that the health care organization would use and perform a root cause analysis. Quality improvement requires multiple perspectives to identify root causes and develop optimal solutions for success. Root cause analysis is most effective when performed collaboratively.

As a team, select a health care organization that is currently having a severe adverse occurrence reported. Select an area within your organization to perform a root cause analysis that includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Medication errors. (drug reactions)

Prior to creating the root cause analysis consider the following in a collaborative setting that allows for dialogue.

  1. What are the major root causes and the impact of the adverse occurrence?
  2. Which stakeholders are relevant to your adverse effect? Why?
  3. What information is needed to perform a root cause analysis?
  4. Which tool would you use to create a root cause analysis? Why?

After the root cause analysis is complete address the following questions: IS ATTACHED

  1. What other kinds of information would be helpful? Why?
  2. What approach did the team take?
  3. What information did you use in your root cause analysis?

Include three to five references, to in your analysis.

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