Ethics in City Hall

Hire the Hardcore Unemployed DB Assignment


Read Chapter 21 in Ethics in City Hall.  Be sure and read the entire chapter –   The background information and the three different stories:  Real Estate Agent Turned Police Officer, Not in the Line of Duty, and The Wandering Firefighter.

On page 137, answer all 9 questions.  Please type out both the questions and the answers.  Remember, to be sure and fully explain why you believe your answer is what it is.  In other words, back up your position for each question.

After answering these questions, and after considering each of these situations:

  1. Keeping in mind the information in the “Concepts to Understand” link above, what is the ONE main overriding ethical issue of all of these stories?  What big issue is involved in these situations?  Think about it, and in one simple question tell me what you think it is.
  2. In the story Real Estate Agent Turned Police Officer, what is the one main overriding ethical issue for this situation? (one simple question)
  3. In the story Not in the Line of Duty, what is the one main overriding ethical issue for this situation?  (one simple sentence)
  4. In the story The Wandering Firefighter, what is the one main overriding ethical issue for this situation?  (one simple sentence)


  • Was City Manager Vogle partially responsible for Officer Knight’s suicide?

  • Was it unethical for Vogle to terminate Knight so close to a holiday?

  • Should Vogle have sent Knight to an anger management program in an effort to retrain him?

  • Was there just cause to immediately terminate Lonnie Knight after he chased his estranged wife with the city’s patrol vehicle?

  • Was it unethical for Burgess to assume Morgan’s guilt without first holding a hearing to determine his defense of his actions?

  • Was it unethical for her to agree to dropping criminal charges against Morgan in light of his admission of guilt?

  • Was Coryell’s firing of Carson too harsh a punishment especially in light of his 30 years with the city?

  • Were criminal charges against Carson justified?

  • What exactly is a voluntary termination? Would this be considered firing oneself?

1In fairness, not all communities used C.E.T.A. funds only for police and fire positions. Maintenance workers, park attendants, and the like were also hired.

2A 4-day Kelly is when a firefighter gets 3 days off in his or her rotation, and about every 2 months a 4th day is added on; this was supposedly invented by a New York firefighter by the name of Kelly.

3 Only an astute city manager would note that in John Travolta’s movie Ladder 49, the Baltimore fire station only has two refrigerators.


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