Identification of Critical Diversity Issues and Problems

Making Sense of Organisations

Identification of Critical Diversity Issues and Problems; Depth of Analysis (30%)

  • Identifies all of the critical diversity issues.
  • Thoroughly discusses, evaluates, and analyzes each managerial issue,
  • Provide convincing and supported arguments.

Generates Alternatives and Recommendations; Develops a Plan of Action for Implementing Recommendations (20%)

  • Generates several high-quality alternative solutions;
  • Recommendations are well-argued and based on thorough analysis;
  • Develops a thorough plan for implementing the proposed solutions;

Application of Theories and practice, Literature Review of the Diversity Management Issues—Reference Support (35%)

  • Appropriately apply relevant theories and practice
  • The more reference support you use to support your analysis of issues and recommendations, the better.
  • The quality of the source of information is also important.

Correct Harvard Referencing Style including in-text etc. (5%)

Organization of essay, expression and presentation (5%)

Able to finish an essay with less than 25% TURNITIN similarity (5%)   

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