New Venture Development

QB3005 – New Venture Development


The case for this assignment is ‘Amazon and Google-expertly using data to get ever closer to customers’. Case material can be found from the book ‘Growth Champions’ – the battle for sustained innovation leadership, the growth agenda’, Edited by Tim Johnes, Dave McCormick and Caroline Dewing. You can find the e-version of this book from our library.

Essay questions:

You have been hired by Google to help the Board identify and implement a new business opportunity and associated business model. This new opportunity should not be anything that Google is currently working on. The Board has asked you to:

  1. Briefly outline the opportunity you have chosen and provide details for your new value proposition.  (10%, maximum 150 words)
  2. Draw business model canvas to illustrate 9 elements for the new opportunity. Use maximum 500 words to explain what these elements are. (60%)
  3. Develop a strategy for validating your business model. (30%, maximum 400 words)



  • Use the basic structure of the outlined in the assignment guide below.
  • I have given an indication of the number of words you should use in each section, please note that this is indicative only and you can vary this up to 20% if you wish.
  • Please note that the words you include in an introduction or Executive summary as shown overleaf will not count in the word count.


Assignment Guide

Executive Summary:

This is written at the end of the report but placed here and should try to capture the essence of the report in very few words no more than 300-400 max


In this section I am looking for clear indication of the purpose of the paper, this can start with a short statement that it has been compiled in order to meet the assessment requirements of module QB3005 – New Venture Development.

I would then expect a very short piece explaining how it is going to meet the requirements of the remit given,

Objective & Methodology:

You could consider setting key objectives associated with fulfilling the required outcomes, this is where you get to show that you are tailoring the paper to meet specific targets that you feel are important and or to show where you feel it might be difficult to achieve. In short here is your opportunity to tailor the report a bit.

Also importantly it will set out how you are going to gather the material for the report and where the information is coming from.

Separate sections in fulfilment of each part of their report.

I would suggest that the next sections should comprise key headlines directly linked to the task you have been given. The exact nature of these headings is up to you, but using short headings for separate parts of the task will help you remain focussed.

Key Findings:

This will be an opportunity to highlight what you thinks are the most important aspects of the report.

Conclusions & Recommendations:

These could be separate sections, I would expect to hear your own voice and your own interpretation of the relative values of different parts of the report, also some assessment of the extent to which you have been able to meet all the requirements of the task give. Where this is not possible or where you are not fully satisfied with your ability to answer the questions say how this shortfall might be met by future work of by the application of additional resources.

A final point is that is always a good idea in a consultancy report to make some recommendations for future work and for follow on work.

References & Bibliography:

Here is would expect properly referenced lists of all the sources you have used to directly support the compilation of your report/. So all direct quotes or links to sources should be included and referenced Harvard Style (See: )  Also remember where you have very important concepts or ideas you should also think about any sources that you might not have quoted directly but are very important to the essence of your analysis or methodologies, etc. In the case of a report of this length I would suggest that put both of the above in one list rather than having separate ones.