Timeline On Social Equalities

Timeline on Social Equalities 

This course has shown you how many issues in the U.S. can be considered social problems, in particular those that relate to socio-economic groups, race and ethnicity, and gender inequality. Create a timeline that shows six important events, such as the passing of legislation, or key figures who advocated for important advances in social equality that have been achieved in the U.S. The timeline should cover the period between 1776 until the present.

To complete this project you will:

Part 1: Create a timeline using either PowerPoint or Microsoft Word Shapes or Smart Art to create the diagram for your timeline.

In each point in your timeline include:

  1. Date
  2. Name of event, legislation, achievement or person
  3. Citation of the source of this information

Part 2: Write a 300-word essay to support your timeline and describe what social problem this point in your timeline illustrates and how it was resolved through this achievement. Conclude your essay by envisioning what the future of social equalities will look like in the U.S. 50 years from now.

  • Note: Use citations in every paragraph to substantiate your ideas. For this Assignment, Wikipedia and other open internet sources are acceptable

What should you include in your project? 

In your finished assignment please include:

  1. A timeline that fully details and describes 6 events, legislation, and/or key people that demonstrates advances in social equality between 1776 until present day, which is:
    1. Clearly illustrated with dates
    2. Contains notes to supporting sources.
  2. A 300-word essay that fully address and includes:
    1. A description of the social problem that each point in the timeline illustrates and how it was resolved.
    2. A conclusion that predicts the future of social equalities in the U.S. 50 years from now.
  3. A title and reference page
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