User Requirements Gathering

QA Forum 1 – User Requirements Gathering

Understanding user requirements is an integral part of information systems design and is critical to the success of interactive systems. It is now widely understood that successful systems and products begin with a thorough understanding of the needs and requirements of the users (Maguire, & Bevan, 2002, p1).

Critical Reflection Question: Gathering user requirements can be a complex process, with numerous methods to choose from.

In this week’s critical reflection, you will write in response to the following question: “What method would you use for user requirements gathering, and why?”
To answer this question well, your response should:

· Give justifications or reasons explaining why you have chosen one method as the ‘best’

· Consider the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of user requirements gathering

You need to critically analyse both the methods AND your own decision-making in choosing a ‘best’ method. Make sure your personal thinking is clearly expressed and supported by relevant references (<link is hidden> the Maguire & Bevan paper, plus 4 other references).

When evaluating the merits of different methods, make sure to consider the critical questions raised in the project management literature:

· How are these methods shaped by the complexity of gathering user requirements?

· What role does design thinking play in user requirement gathering?


INITIAL POST: Write ONE 750 word critical reflective answer to the question posed

CONTRIBUTION: Write two contributions to two other student’s post

CRITICAL REFLECTION: See Andrew Junor’s useful critical skills development resources in the week 3 section in Moodle

NB: I suggest you write your post in a word document FIRST before copying and pasting into the QA forum post.



1. Introduction – introduction can just be a couple of sentences for this QA forum as it is only 750 words. Use the introduction to define user requirements gathering, and to explain the context and the structure of your post

2. Body – the body focuses on your answer to the question and should be succinctly written, clearly articulated, and move coherently from one point to another

3. Conclusion – Brings your findings to a conclusion as mentioned above


Word Length: 650-700 words maximum (provide a word count at the end of your review) (the word count has changed due to the increased mark allocation)

References: At least 4 (including the attached journal paper by Maguire & Bevan, 2002) Yes you must find other suitable references

NB: The reference list is not included in the word count