Cardiac Arrest, killing todays firefighter but preventable in nature

Cardiac Arrest

Complete a research paper based on one (or more) of the NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program reports or a local incident or incidents.  That impacted on the way the fire service “does business.”  As a guide, consider the following questions.  What was the effect of this death on the fire service as a whole?  Was the effect permanent?  Did it produce legislation?  How did it affect your department?  Where are legislation and legal cases going in this area?  How did it change, or not change your own department?  Insure that you review what impact this has had on SOP’s, procedures, rules and regulations were in place to prevent this.  Was ICS functioning?  What changes have been made and what additional ones would you recommend to improve safety procedures in your department?



You must include at least 10 sources in addition to sources in the assigned reading.

Your term paper must be formatted in conformance to APA Style (Sixth Edition).

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