Defining Urban Tourism

Urban Tourism (TLH307) – Guideline for Assignment Introduction

  1. Defining Urban Tourism

    1. Definition and nature of Urban Tourism
      • Approaches to the analysis and Evaluation of urban tourism system within urban destinations, page 58-59
      • Enhancing the City – New Perspectives for Tourism and Leisure (Urban and Landscape Perspectives), page 208-209 “What is Urban Tourism”
      • Urban tourism research: Recent progress and current paradoxes, section 1.2
    2. Previous Urban Tourism research topics
  • Urban tourism research methodology. A case study of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao area. Section 1 – Introduction
  1. Information about Hong Kong
    1. Hong Kong history
      • HKTB – Brief Hong Kong History
    2. Hong Kong facts
      • HKTB – Essential Facts, Hong Kong Basic Information
    3. Tourism environment in Hong Kong
      • HKTB – Themed Attractions, Accommodation, Transportation 1 & 2, Highlight Events, Other Major Events, Hong Kong Tourism Commission – Hong Kong, the Facts, Tourism
    4. Current issues of Hong Kong shopping/tourist attractions
      1. Development of Hong Kong shopping/tourist attractions
        • Hong Kong Tourism Board Work Plan for 2017-18, section 25-29 (page 9-10)
      2. Potentials for Hong Kong shopping/tourist attractions (must have information sources to prove)
        • Hong Kong Tourism Board Work Plan for 2017-18, section 32.34 (page 12-16)
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