Principles of Organisational Behaviour and HRM

Principles of Organisational Behaviour and HRM

Resit Mode: Essay

Word Count: 2000 words ( /- 10%)

Critically evaluate the following statement: “An organisation’s effectiveness depends on the successful interplay of individuals, groups, and the organisation as a whole.” From the topics discussed in the lecture material and in the workshops, please select one topic at each level (individuals, groups, organisation) and a) explain how theories from each topic determine an organisation’s effectiveness. 1b) Explain what role Human Resource Management plays in integrating the different levels.

Please include a discussion of how effective your group worked to complete your group presentation that you gave in your workshop. Your discussion of the group project should be linked to relevant content covered in the module. If you did not participate in the group presentation, you must discuss how social loafing can affect a group’s presentation (<link is hidden> the social loafing case from Workshop 4). Higher marks will be awarded to those who give specific examples and/or discuss the relevant theories covered in the module.

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