Cell phone Addiction

You are required to complete a final project for this course. For the final project imagine that you are a new counselor at the college’s student center. You will provide an assessment and a treatment plan for someone presenting with an electronic addiction. The final paper should be 8-10 page long excluding cover page and references.

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John Smith, 21-year-old male, seeking treatment for his cell phone addiction. Patient was required to seek treatment or be placed on academic probation as multiple professors have reported him having his phone out in class. John’s grade point average has dropped below 2.5 also requiring him to seek assistance and address the root cause for the drop in his grade. Patient’s addiction to his cell phone has been proposed as the cause for his poor academic performance. This will be considered when evaluating his behavior as he will be monitored undercover in the classroom environment.
Cell phone addiction is believed to have more than one cause. Pinpointing what John’s trigger is will insure accurate treatment. However, being that most of the population owns a cell, it’s hard to define what an addiction is as they become more a part of everyday life. According to the PEW Research Center, 67% of smartphone owners have admitted to checking their phone for calls or messages when their phone didn’t vibrate or ring.1 This is one major sign of cell phone dependence and should serve as a warning to cell phone owners. Cell phone addiction is not defined in DSM-5 but it is thought to contribute to physical effects such as digital eye strain 2, neck problems 3, increased illness 4, car accidents 5, and male infertility 6. Cell phone addiction is thought to contribute to psychological effects such as sleep disturbances 7, depression 8, obsessive compulsive disorder 9, relationship problems 10, and anxiety 11.
Add following to <link is hidden> /> What is/was the progression of use of this addiction? (Social issues?)
What changed to cause your client to suddenly seek treatment?

Part 1: What is electronic addiction? Why did your client seek out treatment?
Part 2: What type of assessment will you do? What is the client’s biological/medical/psychological/social background?
Part 3: Create an evidence-based treatment plan.
Part 4: What will/does the future hold for your client?

Create a creative closing..

Please place numbers next to your references so the citations can be easily accessed. You can see I started to do this in my into with the number so please start your list with the number 12

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