The case study for analysis is the Oz Medicann Group (OMG)

Assessment Instructions

The Task: The case study for analysis is the Oz Medicann Group (OMG). Your task is to review the resources provided about OMG in particular, the video clips and accompanying notes from their presentation to MM200 on campus students on 25 July 2018. Then answer the following question drawing on relevant material from Topics 1-7:

Given your understanding of OMG, do you think they have designed an organisation that could be characterised as a sustaining corporation?

Guidance for the assignment:

  • You must include a title page and include a word count
  • Include a Table of Contents page to show the sub-headings used.
  • In your introduction you should outline how you will address or approach the question and yourconclusion should wrap up your assignment
  • Check themarking criteria for this assignment.
  • You must draw onthe theory you have learned to support your argument.
  • Include a reference list that is correctly formatted.
  • Ensure you save your assignment as a pdf and do not scan it to pdf; otherwise your assignment cannot be marked as it will return a Turnitin error.
Word Length:2000 words

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