Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, The Apprentice, Australia’s Next Top Model, Undercover Boss

For this Assignment you are required to watch at least one episode and analyse a reality television show which focuses on work. Suggestions are Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, The Apprentice, Australia’s Next Top Model, Undercover Boss. The Voice, American Idol. The focus of your analysis should be the messages about consumption, work and identity being conveyed through that program.

You are required to include a minimum of four peer review articles, and any number of other sources in your analysis which is to be written like an essay, that is with an introduction, body and conclusion.

Questions to be considered for the analysis are:

What is the gender, age, ethnic composition of the show – presenters & participants?
What do the presenters and participants wear? What gender differences are there in the clothing worn – differences between presenters and participants, & between women & men?
How do presenters and participants construct their identities?
What makeup is being worn and by whom?

Using the ABS website (eg Classification of Occupations) to help you, what are the qualifications usually required for this work? What would the wages/salary on average be? Is this an industry that is dominated by men or by women?
What sort of work have the participants done prior to coming on the show? What reasons do they give for wanting to be on the show?
What product placement or embedded advertising is included in the show?
How does being on the show change people’s lives?
How much work – invisible work – goes on behind the scenes do you think to produce this show?
Who benefits the most financially from the show?
How does watching the show make you feel, eg inspired, encouraged, cynical? What do these feelings tell you about cultural norms?

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