Modern control system design for two tanks system

Title: Modern control system design for two tanks system.

This system has 2 inputs and 2 outputs.



What is require?

  1. Derive mathematical model, State space model and Simulink modelling for system that include matrix A,B,C and D.
  2. Design state feedback controller using the eigenvalue assignment method and the optimal design method.
  3. Simulate the design control system to evaluate the performance.



  • The physical parameter should be used from this devise CE105 coupled tank system.
  • Setting time and theta depend on devise.
  • The results (figures):
  • Set point tracking
  • Disturbance rejection

These results in three conditions: When tank A > tank B, B>A and A=B.


  • Use Matlab code and Simulink model to present the work.

I have done derive mathematical model for state space model: which is




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