Research 10 different job announcements on an employment website



Research 10 different job announcements on an employment website such as Monster with the search terms of “safety manager,” “safety coordinator,” or another set of search terms of your choosing, merely document your search terms. Save the job advertisements in a Word document by copying them into a blank document OR print all ten job advertisements (you will need to scan any printed documents for submission).


  • Identify educational requirements in a unique color of highlighter

  • Identify training and certifications in another unique color

  • Identify experience requirements in a unique color

  • Identify skills as a unique color

  • Identify any talent requirements in a unique color


You have then practiced a type of research technique common in qualitative research. This is a coding technique. Assign each different category (i.e. education, training, experience, talent, or skill) of qualification a unique number. Include your chart in your assignment submission. We can now generalize the findings by counting how many criteria were coded with a like number. This can show you whether the job postings were heavy in “talent” or “skill” for example.




In a minimum of 2 paragraphs summarize your findings based upon your sample of 10 safety job announcements. You may summarize the common specific criteria for each category or you might report what category was emphasized the most. Provide your thoughts on the results from this assignment.




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