As this section on the Iliad has been one of the longest and toughest you will encounter in this course, likewise this will be the longest assignment you will need to do. This one is a bit more in the form of a creative writing exercise. Take a favorite character from the work (if you want to tackle one we have not examined, that’s OK; be aware that it will be tougher) and compare/contrast it to a real-life person of the modern world. This can be someone from politics, sports, entertainment, etc. (it should be someone I’ve probably heard of; I have no clue about modern pop music, for <link is hidden> />
Taking the Iliad character as a universal archetype, find areas in which he/she is similar to your chosen contemporary person as well as areas in which they are different. The idea here is to try to discover within our own society where values and goals are similar to those of the past.