Social Impact Of Crime Policy

Crime Policy

Context: In the push to identify causes for criminal behavior, psychopaths and frequent offenders became the focus of the rehabilitative efforts. As a result, minor offenders or infrequent offenders fell by the wayside and were minimally addressed with fines or other dismissive penalties. This process allowed a category of small-scale repeat offenders to form who contributed to the problem of crime nearly without repercussion. Interestingly, the minimal sentences and fines imposed were starkly absent of the rehabilitative elements.

Task Description: Gather information from five–ten current crime issues and evaluate whether their management was punitive or rehabilitative.

  • Create a matrix identifying the social impact of the crimes evaluated, the social “cost” of the crime, and the impact on the victim.
  • Analyze the matrix to evaluate whether rehabilitative methods vs. punitive methods follow a pattern in your findings.
  • Describe any trends that occurred and provide explanation based upon the history of crime policy.
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