Propose and defend the strategic employee roles needed to achieve your short-term profit goals and your long-term vision.

long-term vision

People management decisions play a critical role in the successful implementation of your winning move.

  • Are the right people in the right roles?
  • Propose and defend the strategic employee roles needed to achieve your short-term profit goals and your long-term vision.
  • The short-term profit goals and long-term of Netflix can and will be achieved with the current team in place.  If anything needs to be addressed personnel-wise we have a very experienced Chief Talent Officer that make the necessary provisions prior/during/post Netflix Air (N-Air) development and execution.  If there is anything that needs to be addressed development-wise I know I have a dependable staff in place.
  • David Hyman – General Counsel (2002), Greg Peters – Chief Product Officer (joined Netflix in 2008), Kelly Bennett – Chief Market Officer (2012), David Wells – Chief Financial Officer (2004), and a few other members make up our Management Team that will be involved in executing our strategy to get our content on planes.
  • Which cultural aspects of your organization are conducive to the changes you want to make?
  • Allowing everyone to think freely is conducive to the changes that is in effect.  If everyone has the liberation to make decision’s freely with the interest of the company and we have a happy and accountable staff then we are on the right track to success.  We don’t want to place many or permanent restrictions on our staff.  During this venture we are looking to keep the integrity nd honesty of the organization and staff.
  • Which cultural aspects must be changed and why?
  • This project is innovative and out of box for Didlake. So as the CEO I will have to recruit the right people from within and externally. Jim Collins in his book ‘Good to Great’ mentions that for a company to be great it needs to place the right people in the right place on the bus (Collins, 2001).  Jack Welch in his book ‘Winning’ talks of people as a team and positioning them in a way they will be successfully grow and that will in turn grow the company.
  • Social franchising unit will be a separate business unit in Didlake. This would require people with disabilities who are interested in running retail stores and people with retail experience who are passionate about working with people with disabilities. Internally Didlake has capable and experienced people that can run the day to day operations of the UPS franchises with appropriate training. Manager and supervisors will need to be hired for each store externally. These employees will need to be trained to work with people with disabilities depending on their experience and leadership skills. As this change vision is introduced throughout Didlake, it will be very important for the VP of operations to understand and own this project for successful implementation. The VP and store manager will be key team members to ensure that short and long term financial and non financial  goals are met.
  •  This change will not be easy as the culture of Didlake does not support innovative ideas or risks. Didalke is very complacent and highly risk averse because it rests on its past successes and fails to see the changing business environment and requirements. Kotter’s 8 steps for organizational change will be the key strategy to bring about the necessary change in Didlake.
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