In what century did the Enlightenment primarily occur?

Watch the video first then answer the questions perfectly.

What Was the Enlightenment?

Video by Paul Sargent

1. In what century did the Enlightenment primarily occur?

2. Sargent in the beginning of the video connects the achievements and ideas of science to what other concerns of the period? What does he mean when he says of the era: “why are things the way they are?

3. The author does not mention it, but a key characteristic of the Enlightenment that separates it from the past is the emphasis on “reason.” How does he explain “reason?”
What were the goals thinkers had for the future based on the modern world’s use of reason?

4. Sargent describes how thinkers felt reason could be used to rectify problems in the world as it was. In politics, he suggests….? What do you think he means by “the natural rights of man? He connects these concepts to two important documents created at the formation of the United States?

5. Religion as the center of thought comes into question during the Enlightenment. What issues does Sargent point out about the Enlightenment view of religion?

6. He describes the role of religion in regard to the ideas of Sir Isaac Newton. What are they?

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