Process and Enterprise Maturity Model


Making changes to improve processes is a powerful and necessary step in building competitive strength, but
organizations must ensure that their (current and new) processes are capable of sustaining higher
performance over time. To do that, they must develop two kinds of characteristics: process enablers, which
pertain to individual processes, and enterprise capabilities, which apply to the entire organization. To help in
this endeavor, it is useful to leverage a proven model or “framework.” One of the most effective models is the
Process and Enterprise Maturity Model (PEMM).
In the final component of your Operations Management Course Project, you will leverage PEMM to create a
“scorecard” that will help you to assess your organization’s process and enterprise capabilities to support and
sustain the improvements you have targeted. Specifically, you will assess and evaluate the:
Five process enablers of…
 Design: The comprehensiveness of the specification for how the process is to be executed
 Performers: The people who execute the process, particularly in terms of their skills and knowledge
 Owner: A senior executive who has responsibility for the process and its results
 Infrastructure: Information and management systems that support the process
 Metrics: The measures the company uses to track the process’s performance
Four enterprise capabilities of…
 Leadership: Senior executives who support the creation of processes
 Culture: The values of customer focus, teamwork, personal accountability, and a willingness to
 Expertise: Skills in, and methodology for, process improvement and design
 Governance: Mechanisms for managing complex projects and change initiatives
1) Assess your value stream and your organization using the PEMM Scorecard exhibit on the last two pages
of the Hammer article, “The Process Audit” (HBR), provided in Week 1 and Week 9
2) Discuss your findings, and highlight the strengths and opportunities for improvement
3) Develop actionable recommendations for presentation to senior management