HSBC Global Connections

HSBC Global Connections

As the drivers of globalization continue to pressure both the globalization of
markets and the globalization of production, continue to see the impact of
greater globalization on worldwide trade patterns. HSBC, a large global bank,
analyzes these pressures and trends to identify opportunities across markets
and sectors, through its trade forecasts. Visit the HSBC Global Connections
site and use the trade forecast tool to identify which export routes are
forecasted to see the greatest growth over the next 15 years.
***What patterns do you see???? What types of countries dominate these routes?????

Search phrase: trade forecasts or HSBC Global Connections
Resource Name: HSBC Global Connections
Website: <link is hidden>
globalEDGE Category: Globalization

Additional Info: Once on the HSBC Global Connections website, the Trade
Forecast Tool can be found under the Tools & Data section of the site. It’s
an interactive chart, where you can see the trade routes that are forecasted to
exhibit the largest annual growth over the next several years.

Freedom in the World or Freedom House

The definition of words and political ideas can have different meanings in
different context worldwide. In fact, the Freedom in the World survey
published by Freedom House evaluates the state of political rights and civil
liberties around the world. Provide a description of this survey and a ranking
(in terms of “freedom”) of the world’s country leaders and laggards.
******What factors are taken into consideration in this survey? ??????

Search phrase: Freedom in the World or Freedom House
Resource Name: Freedom House Surveys
Website: <link is hidden> /> globalEDGE Category: Publications

Additional Info: Published annually since 1972, the survey ratings and
narrative reports on 195 countries provide insight into an assessment of global
political rights and civil liberties in each country.

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