The probability/impact matrix

The probability

Use the risk register template provided in the uploads, and the probability/impact matrix template provided in the uploads, and  use the “Running Case” below, page 475, to complete the following task for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project.

Part 1: Prepare a risk register using Table 11-5 and the data located on page 456 of the textbook. In addition to listing the three risks shown in the “Running Case”, list five additional risks for the risk register; a total of eight risks should be listed.

Make certain to include negative and positive risks.

Part 2: Plot the risks identified in Part 1 of this assignment on the probability/impact matrix. Use a 10-point scale to rank the probability and impact of each risk on meeting project objectives. One (1) represents the lowest risk value, and ten (10) represents the highest risk value. Use a risk calculation of probability times impact to determine the risk value (e.g., if

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