What pertinent aspects of U.S. law should the company be aware of in its goal to do business internationally?

U.S. law

I.  What pertinent aspects of U.S. law should the company be aware of in its goal to do business internationally?   Simply put, what US laws will you still have to deal with if you choose to move your business to Mexico or Japan?  In the outline it is sufficient to simply point out the applicable laws and state very briefly how these laws apply.  But, in your memorandum you will need to analyze the details of these laws.  Stick to the basics on this part.  For example, you don’t need to get into the laws of comity or most favored nation status but you should consider trade laws.

II.   Assess the legal implications of moving business abroad specific to your chosen country. What are the advantages and disadvantages?   For your chosen country, what are the legal implications of moving there?  What are the pros/cons of each of these legal implications?  Remember, this is about legal implications, not practical or business implications.  For example, Mexico’s proximity to the US is a business or practical implication, not legal.  An example of a legal implication would be the way Mexico’s court system works.

III.  What are the ethical implications involved in this business decision?   What are the ethical issues involved when moving a business from the US to your chosen country?  To begin, think of the ethics of outsourcing.  You should think about ethical issues from both the US and your chosen country perspective.

IV Explain how other domestic companies have managed to comply with the U.S. laws related to this business decision in the past.  How did these companies address potential compliance issues?   Explain in general terms how companies handled these US law issues related to moving to a foreign country.  Then provide some specific examples of US companies that do business in your chosen country.  Some obvious choices are McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Google, etc.   What internal/external processes did they set up?  How have they complied?

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