Identify the business unit’s strategy

In this report, you develop a performance appraisal form for a job in an organizational unit of your choice. You first conduct a job analysis for the job. From that information, you are to develop a simple, concise performance appraisal form. The assignment requires the student to interview one or more incumbents in the position and the supervisor. Note that the job analysis and performance appraisal processes should be representative of the job rather than exhaustive. This assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned from the readings and the class materials.

The report should include the following components:

1. Identify the business unit’s strategy.
2. Explain key tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the job.
3. Describe the performance appraisal form that you have designed.
4. Explain how the performance appraisal: (a) fits with the business unit strategy and (b) will add value to the organization.
5. Look at the report feedback form to see more requirements for this report.
6. Take a look of the readings and weekly powerpoints that can help you to do the report

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