Is the Internet Limiting Creativity?

Is the Internet Limiting Creativity?

The internet is a worldwide platform that allows people to communicate information and ideas through phones, laptops and iPads. This global phenomenon of sharing content has become widespread to an estimate of 3.5 billion users meaning almost half the planets population is online in some form or way. The most common uses of the internet are emailing, social networking, researching and shopping. Due to this rise of virtual platforms, the importance of the internet is increasing. The ubiquity of the internet forces society to fall into relentless cycles of dependency and this builds up to an addiction. Since the world is spending a great deal of their time online, it is debatable whether it influences an individual’s creativity. Creativity is the ability to connect pieces of the world to create unique innovative ways of expression and advancement. People who spend large amounts of time online are less inclined to engage in creative thinking due to the extent of information already available. On the other hand, the existence of such an interface encourages people to share their own ideas and interests. Since the system is designed to encourage usage, people all over the world become addicted and lose much of their own ability to search and satisfy curiosities and our innate need to create and express is dulled. To discuss whether the internet is limiting creativity or not, it is necessary to examine the areas of behavioural patterns, real life exposure and social interaction. The extreme usage of virtual reality allows people to experience moments which would be otherwise done outside, causing people to have behavioural patterns. The internet tends to withdraw people from the outside environment. The internet’s capability to allow people to communicate virtually it has reduced the need for real-life social interactions, affecting creativity.





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