How the communist manifesto influenced the Mexican Muralism movement

Write a 2 page minimum essay about the influence of the Communist Manifesto on Mexican art in the 1920’s. Give an example of a mural or painting that shows influence of the Communist Manifesto. Please cite a passage from this work and show how it is reflected in the art work you choose.

How did Marx and the Communist ideology influence Mexican muralists? Marx proposed a new way of structuring society that many Mexicans thought would erase the inequalities that seemed inherent in Mexican society. During the Revolution they saw that the wealthy and powerful would not give up their privileges easily and that even a violent upheaval might not change the economic disparities in society.

How did the Mexican muralists use Marx’s ideas in their work? Did they make the working class the protagonists in their murals? DId they point out the exploitation of workers? The corruption of elites? Did they highlight the spirituality and communal spirit of indigenous Mexican culture that reject materialism and consumption as measures of success?

Look for these themes in the murals and look at how they might reflect Marx’s ideas.

Please do not copy material from the internet as the Turnitin software will automatically detect it and your assignment will not be accepted for credit.

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