Generations of Captivity

Book Review:

One of your assignments this semester is to write a book review on Generations of Captivity, the book I have assigned to class. The book review should be between 750 and 900 words or two and a half to three pages, double-spaced. In the review you will respond to one of the questions listed below about the assigned book for this course. The review should be an essay with a thesis or argument supported by material from the book.  Your book review will count for 20% of your total grade.


Book reviews can be frustrating. It is amazing how fast you run out of space when you have a word count. It is important to start work ahead of time to give yourself time to proofread and critically analyze your paper before it is due. I expect papers to be turned in on time, so if you cannot attend class the day the paper is due, make sure to get it to me ahead of time. For each day a paper is late, I will reduce the grade on the paper by half a letter grade (5%). Please turn in hard copies of the papers with stapled pages. Make sure to attach the rubric. You must also submit an electronic copy of the paper to SafeAssign on blackboard before the class period on the day the paper is due.


For your book review, you will answer ONE of the questions listed below in a well-written, 750-900 word essay with a clear thesis statement. Be sure to support your argument with at least three examples from the book.

3) Over the five “generations” that Berlin discusses, how did slaves refuse to “surrender their humanity”? In other words, how did they continue to push back against slavery itself?