How is physical fitness defined?

1) How is physical fitness defined?

2) What are the key components of a physical fitness program?

3) What key components would you include in a fitness program for yourself and why?

4) What might you need to consider when beginning a fitness program?

5) Examine the table which appears below. Without actually performing the test(s) described below, how would rate your cardiorespiratory fitness and why?
Self-Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Endurance

After you have exercised regularly for several months, you might want to assess your cardiorespiratory endurance level.

Find a local track, typically one quarter mile per lap, to perform your test. You may either run or walk for 1.5 miles and measure how long it takes to reach that distance, or run or walk for 12 minutes and determine the distance you covered in that time. Use the chart below to estimate your cardiorespiratory fitness level based upon your age and sex. Note that women have lower standards for each fitness category because they have higher levels of essential fat than men do.

1.5-Mile Run (min:sec) 12-Minute Run (miles)
Age* Women(min:sec) Men(min:sec) Women(miles) Men(miles)
15-30 1.7
35-50 1.5
55-70 1.3
Adequate for most activities
15-30 1.5
35-50 1.4
55-70 1.3
15-30 1.4
35-50 1.3
55-70 1.2
Need extra work on cardiovascular fitness
15-30 >17:00 >15:00 16:30 19:00

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