Quality function deployment (QFD)

Background Information
The Aim of this activity is to practice quality function deployment (QFD). This planning tool is instrumental in getting voice of the customer (VoC) into product or service design. I remind you that during the Technical Operations Management course one of the Quests early in the semester focused on building a House of Quality from a set of data provided to you. Hopefully, you remember much of that activity. If not, or you need a refresher, feel free to review the tutorial that is included in this Quest directions. (http://www.webducate.net/qfd/qfd.html)
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Bob’s Big Burgers conducted consumer surveys and focus groups and identified the most important customer expectations as

·         Healthy food

·         Speedy service

·         An easy-to-read menu board

·         Accurate order filling

·         Perceived value

Develop a set of technical requirements that you think will assure that the customer expectations will be met (perhaps automated transfer of order to cooks and packagers, utensils for eating (disposable or washable), etc.) Incorporate these into a House of Quality relationship matrix to assess how well your technical requirements address these customer expectations. Refine your design as necessary, based on the initial assessment.


Bob’s Big Burgers acquired some additional information. It found the consumers placed the highest importance on healthy food, followed by value, followed by order accuracy, and service. The menu board was only casually noted as an important attribute in the surveys. Bob faces three competitors in his market: Grabby’s, Queenburger, and Sandy’s. Studies of their products yielded the information shown in Table 1B-1. Results of the consumer panel ratings for each of these competitors are shown in Table 1B-2 (a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the best). Using this information, modify and extend your House of Quality and develop a deployment plan for a new burger. On what attributes should the company focus its marketing efforts?


CompanyPriceSize (oz)CaloriesSodium (mg)Fat (%)


Table 1B-2

Menu Board445
Order Accuracy453
Healthy Food423
Speedy Service354
Taste Appeal243
Visual Appeal343


The HOQ example your boss provided and would like you to use is Figure 4.12 page 48 of your textbook. Please provide a formal detailed summary (no more than 3 pages) enumerating the 12 steps for creating the QFD. For each step explain what is involved, and include some observations of things learned from the process and the data analyzed. (You may use the information on pages 39 to 49 to aid in your report, but use your own words, and learn the steps so you can effectively perform your soon-to-be-assigned QFD project).


  • Refer to your text (pages 37 through 48)
  • Use Google to investigate more fully QFD – (for example; Wikipedia, many, many others)
  • Use Excel or some other program to build and prepare your diagram (You might be able to find a template somewhere on the web). You can get one here if you like http://www.qfdonline.com/templates/