Business Environment Analysis: Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczen

Select a specific company within the country and the industry that you selected for your PEST (political-economical-social-technological) analysis in Business Brief – Business Environment Analysis.

Assume the role of a marketing strategist for a specific product or product line within that company.

Conduct secondary research to identify an organization that is a major competitor of your company, in the product category you selected.

Write a 1-page analysis according to the Business Brief Guidelines. Your analysis should include:

Identify, as precisely as possible, the primary target market of your major competitor’s product.

Identify, as precisely as possible, the primary target market of your own company’s product.

Compare and contrast your own primary target market vs. the primary market your competitor has targeted.

Conclude your brief by analyzing the unique attributes your company offers to its primary target market vs. those that your competitor offers to its primary target market. If there are overlaps between the primary target markets of your two organizations, explain why your targeted customer should select your product vs. your competitor’s product, based on specific attributes of the target market and the company.

The company I have selected is :
Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczen
The compatetior of this company is:
Social Insurance Institution

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