No Smoking Policy, Dress Code, Sexual Harassment

BSB – Business Policy & Strategy Project

Choose a business policy (e.g., No Smoking Policy, Dress Code, Sexual Harassment) to analyze. I prefer that you choose a
policy where you work or have worked in the past. Conduct research to find the information below and order it in the
following manner:
1. Introduction
I. Explain why you chose the policy
II. Why is this policy important to the organization your chose and/or society
III. Provide the historical context of the policy (i.e., why the policy came about). Be sure to explain the
historical context with regard to society and the business you chose. Please explain if there were
specifics reason it was adopted at the organization you chose.
2. Analyze and evaluate the policy
I. Nuts and bolts of the policy (i.e., specific details of the policy)
II. Implementation of the policy at the company you chose (i.e., how were employees informed, trained,
III. Expected outcomes of the company
i. If good (how can the policy be enhanced)
ii. If bad (how can the policy be revised)
3. Policy Impact.
I. Take a comprehensive look at the impact of the policy outcomes and discuss the impact at each
applicable level, as it pertains to your company.
i. Company Level
ii. Employee Level
iii. Community Level
iv. Other stakeholders if applicable
4. Conclusions
I. Summarize and provide your own personal conclusions (based on your research) about the policy, its
implementation, impact, and future in your chosen organization.
Additional Requirements
 Written and submitted in Microsoft Word format. Do not submit a PDF or paste text into the submission
location in Blackboard.
 5-6 pages (not including your cover page and references)
 Include charts and graphs if applicable
 Must use Times New Roman, 12 inch font, 1 inch margins all around, double-spaced. Follow the APA or MLA
style guide for all other formatting, including in-text citations and the references/works cited page. You must
properly cite your work!
 Although papers are submitted electronically, all papers must look professional (e.g., must have cover page,
table of contents, section headings, and page numbers).
 The paper should be written in paragraph form with few or no bullets in the paper.
 You should use outside resources, in addition to our textbook and your own knowledge, to complete this

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