The life and contributions of a prominent developmental psychologist

Write an additional paper that discusses the life and contributions of a prominent developmental psychologist. Review your text for a psychologist of interest and prepare a 4-page paper that (a) describes aspects of his/her life (his/her biography) and (b) his/her primary contributions to the field of developmental psychology (1 page). Find one empirical paper published by this individual and summarize it in your extra credit paper (3 pages). What question was asked in the research paper? What did the researcher hypothesize? What methods were used to address the primary research question? Did the findings support the hypothesis? What limitations and future directions were proposed in this paper? Finally, based on your understanding of child development, make a suggestion for a future research study on the same general topic. Papers must be formatted according to the guidelines specified in the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and include three to four pages of content not including the title page and reference list (students need not include an abstract in this assignment). Students may earn up to four extra credit points by writing an additional short paper; however, students should be aware that turning in a paper does not automatically guarantee receipt of the maximum amount of extra credit in this category. Instead, extra credit will be awarded based on the quality of the paper, such that papers that would have received a formal grade of A will receive four points of extra credit, papers that would have received a formal grade of B will receive three points of extra credit, and so on.

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