Type of paper: Self-reflection, Reaction or Research

Tips for Writing Term Papers


  1. Choose a topic relevant to the subject matter of the course
  2. Outline your topic and associated ideas beforehand

III. *Title Page:

Paper Title

Your Name

Course name & number


Professor’s Name


Type of paper: Self-reflection, Reaction or Research


  1. **Structure of the paper:
  2. Introduction (to the topic)
  3. Body Heading (with subheadings if necessary) – present the thesis and antithesis
  4. Conclusion – present a synthesis
  5. Work Cited (page or pages)
  6. Number your pages


*For your short papers you need not have a tile page.  You may put the title page information in the upper left-hand corner of your first page.


** Use bold headings with key descriptive terms in your headings and subheadings.  The Introduction and the Conclusion can have those words as the headings.  Look in your textbooks for examples.


Papers will be graded on spelling, grammar, structure, substantive content, the logic of your discussion, demonstrated research, length, and style – in a word, professionalism.  The objective is to assist you in developing and demonstrating the research and writing skills essential for professional scholarship at the university level.


Self-reflection paper: This is an exercise where the writer takes a topic and reflects upon its personal significance.  It is written in the first person and should be an exercise where one examines the topic from a personal perspective.  Other than writing in the first person and exploring the personal impact of the topic, all other paper writing conventions must be followed.



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