Different Types of Music


Introduction​: ​Possibly open​ with a personal anecdote, observation, and/or rhetorical questions on your topic.
Be sure to​ ​Define and explain your broad topic,​ and then prepare to narrow down. “There are many, many ways to _______. Here are just a few.”
Middle​: 3 (or more) classifications/categories of your broad topic. These are not simply equal parts of a whole. You need to rank or rate them. Maybe order them from minimum to most important. Or harmless to most severe.
For Each classification/category:
Label/Title in bold ​(subheading)
Quote / Epigraph​ (set the tone of the broad topic or each classification) Define ​(you decide where within the section)
Provide Example(s)
Possibly​ compare/tie back to your previous classifications
Be sure to​ sum up your overall topic and what the awareness of these classifications can bring to the reader. Or, your reflection on this topic’s impact on society.
Possibly​ refer back to your opening anecdote, observation, or rhetorical questions. Possibly​ include a final quote (as epigraph or embedded quote)
If you do not include a final quote/epigraph to ​off-set your conclusion​ from your last classification, use some other visual cue (final subheading, extra space, ***)
5 paragraphs minimum, TYPED, MLA format
“These are only a few of ______.”

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