Letter of recommendation: Ms. Ellington’s Fulbright

Below is are the question that needs to be addressed in the recommendation letter.

<link is hidden> of the applicant’s proposed project in terms of the resources available and the research environment in the host country.

• I proudly endorse Ms. Ellington’s application for the Fulbright U.S Student Program. A Masters Degree from the National Taiwan University would be essential to her career pathway; she will gain valuable hands-on experience through the ample resources available to her at the institution (resources she could not obtain anywhere else) and most importantly she will better understand cultural similarities and differences between her own cultural and the Taiwanese culture. Undergoing this cultural exchange will enhance her ability to advocate for people from different backgrounds when she returns to the United States.

2. Suitability of the proposed research methodology given the topic and the applicant’s background

• Ms. Ellington is an ideal candidate for this program she is very driven and passionate about issues in the global health arena, and she has put in the work to back her passion and drive. She has served as my laboratory assistant over the span of a year or so throughout this time Ms. Ellington has been a joy to work beside. She was charged with logging information in the database, assisted with exam proctoring and adequately stocking and cleaning equipment. She is very attentive to details, excellent at communication and takes constructive criticism as a way to improve upon her mistakes.

3. The ability of the applicant to successfully carry out the project within the allotted time.
• I believe that the two years to complete a master’s degree is plenty of time. I know Ms. Ellington to be structured and well organized from the time we have spent together during her time as a lab assistant. She works well under pressure and finishes projects on time and neatly.

<link is hidden> preparation for the proposed plan.
• To my understanding the course is to be carried out in English this is the language Ms. Ellington is a native speaker, to my awareness she already has begun taking the initiative to restore her Mandarin language skills with a tutor.

5. Candidate’s ability to adapt to a different cultural environment and to represent the <link is hidden> /> I can say Ms. Ellington welcomes diversity and seeks out people with diverse preceptive and background to solve different problems and she will be a phenomenal representative for the <link is hidden>

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