Osteoporosis is a growing problem worldwide

Purpose- 1. osteoporosis is a growing problem worldwide

2. The management and treatment of osteoporosis involves more than medicines.
Case study
65 years old white female presents to the clinic with complaint of back pain. She states that she experienced similar problem few months ago, but she haven’t seek professional help at that time. Her past medical history reveals hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis. She had menarche at age 17 and menopause at age 42. Surgical history-total hysterectomy at age 42, surgical fixation of wrist fracture at age 63. Social history- single, retired secretary, lives in the apartment alone, non-smoker. Physical examination- Bloos pressure 120/75, weight 100lb, height 5’3”, ulnar deviation of metacarpophalangeal joints, fullness of the neck. Resent bone mass density report is significant for lumbar spine of -2.9 T-score and for hip bond of -3.3 T-score. Previous BMD results (at age 60) report for lumbar spine of -1.5 T-score and for hip bone of -1.7 T-score
<link is hidden> and analyze the above describes case study
Use APA format, double space, 12 font, with in text citation, cover page, and proper citation.
3. The scientific paper should express clarity, accuracy, preciseness, depth, breath, and logic.

Focus on

Define osteoporosis .

Differentiate between osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Explain pathphysiology abd epidemiology of the disease (osteoporosis) with appropriate depth and accuracy.

Provide an in-depth explanation for bone density and the relevant use of T-score interpretation.

Identify the significant risk factors for this patient (be specific) .

Suggest/evaluate the relevant treatment and prevention options for this patient.

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