The Miller’s Tale”teach?

What lesson does “The Miller’s Tale” teach about the dangers of Biblical illiteracy and over-reliance on church authority? What “common sense” lesson does “The Miller’s Tale”teach? Is there any “wise” person in the tale or are they all fools?

What sin does the Pardoner preach against? How does he swindle money out of ignorant churchgoers? Is it possible for a clergyman to be as selfish, corrupt, and hypocritical as the Pardoner and yet still do good?

For the journal entries, choose two journal topics about which to write your thoughts/analysis; do all of the required parts and/or answer all of the questions for each of the two numbers that you select. Each journal entry is 1-2 pages. For these two journal entries, all I am looking for is your thoughts on the questions/topics about which you have chosen to write. I am not looking for perfect or “right” answers, and I do not want you to research the readings to find out what other people have to say about them. In the one to two pages, I am looking for your best effort to get some thoughts down on paper. To support your thoughts about these journal topics, I expect specific references to the text by way of quotes and/or detailed summaries–both with in-text documentation. You do not, however, need to do a References page.

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