Review a short video entitled Halfway House: Prison Without Bars.

Halfway House

The website to access Halfway House: Prison Without Bars is:
Once you view this video, complete this essay by addressing the following:

  1. Name and type of facilities discussed; names of offender, parole board members.
  2. Summary of the video to include focus on Prisoner Seabrook, his crimes discussed, institutional record, the hearing process with the parole board and the offender. This is a good time to consider the PSI’s core categories!
  3. Disposition of the Parole Board’s decision on Seabrook.  Did you agree or disagree and why?
  4. Assuming you were on the parole board in Seabrook’s case, and based simply on what you have seen and heard from the video, what do you think your decision may have been?
  5. What type of other programs or intermediate sanctions may you have considered for Seabrook?  Think of the many programs discussed throughout the course.
  6. Did the Parole Board discuss recidivism and/or the effectiveness of community corrections?
  • To assist you with this assignment, go to the Virginia Department of Corrections website that lists typical community corrections programs:
  • There you may review the many links for community programs, residential programs, non-residential programs.  Peruse this site to consider which program may be appropriate for Seabrook.
  • Any references must be duly noted in the body of the report and listed at the conclusion of your paper.

Remember to check for proper spelling, grammar, and appropriate course content.  An appropriate and recommended response for this particular essay question is about 4 paragraphs.  Remember, any and all references must be noted within the body of the report and also separately at the end of the report.

To access this video:

  1. Logon to the NVCC library at:
  2. Click on ebooks & evideos to access:

Films on Demand – hundreds of academic videos and search Halfway House:  Prison Without Bars.

  1. The direct link for this video is:

  1. You may also access this link through the main icon bar “External Links”.