Thinking Cognitive Development And Individual Differences By David F. Bjorklund; Kayla B. Causey

Cognitive Development

II.  Biological Bases of Cognitive Development

A. Overview of Biological Bases of Cognitive Development

B. Models of gene-environment interaction

C. Neurological basis of cognitive development


Resources used for presentation.  Provide Dr. Ellison with the citations used for the presentation.

Additional Resources

Castellanos FX, Tannock R. (2002). Neuroscience of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: The search for endophenotypes. National  Review of  Neuroscience 3: 617–628.

Chhabildas N, Pennington BF, Willcutt EG. (2001). A comparison of the neuropsychological profiles of the DSM-IV subtypes of ADHD. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 29: 529–540.

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