Critical reviews of an Anthropocene artefact, with images and discussion of relevant artworks

2 x 750 word critical reviews of an Anthropocene artefact, with images and discussion of relevant artworks (total of 1500 words plus references)

This assignment asks you to write two short review articles that each discuss an artefact that you have decided is critical to our understanding of the Anthropocene. The artefacts do not have to be art objects (they can be drones, ice picks, gravel, tesla cars, wind farms, east coast lows, pygmy possums, huia, fog, Totoro, GTA, a cookbook, a very old tree, the Great Barrier Reef, a coffee cup <link is hidden> BUT you should reference at least two artworks in each of your reviews.
[For example if you are writing about a plastic bag you might include a discussion of
This is a piece of written criticism, as such each review article should:
● Respond to, interpret meaning, and make critical judgments about specific
● Help readers perceive, interpret, and judge the significance of the artefact. ● Make a clear case for the consideration of this artefact through the lens of
globalisation and the Anthropocene, and show how it contributes to our understanding of both.
You should give your review a title, and clearly identify the artefact (you should use photographs if at all possible). All reviews must contain references to at least 3 of the readings from the weekly set reading list (total of 6 readings). Reviews should be uploaded to the online (Moodle) Lexicon of Anthropocene Artefacts.
Entries should include live links to references and a selection of assigned and independently located readings, as well as images. Entries can also link to youtube and other resources. You must do two separate reviews, but the same artefact can have multiple lexicon entries by different authors (students). If this is the case, you should make sure that your entry is distinct and adds unique information.
There are a number of ways to approach this assignment. One model is the British Museum series ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’ – this is a great example of critical and contextual story-telling.
<link is hidden> /> Other examples that follow a similar mode are the Anthropocene Milestones project at Environment and Society. <link is hidden> machine-marcus-gruber
And the Anthropocene Slam: <link is hidden> /> You must choose your own artefacts and they should not simply replicate those included in any of these three sites. It is crucial for your discussion that you link your artefact to at least two artworks.

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