Defining Public and Academic Sources

Part 1

Defining Public and Academic Sources

In class, you will discuss public and academic sources. Your instructor may have provided you with a definition or you may have some knowledge of these different type of sources from other coursework you’ve done.

In 150 words, give your personal definition of public and academic sources. You can answer these questions if you want, but feel free to use your own ideas here as well:




Part 2

Formatting Quiz

Quiz Instructions

Whether writing an essay for class or sending a text to a friend, you are recognizing and practicing accepted style and formatting practices. In college, you may encounter different types of formal academic style and formatting such as MLA or APA. While each style has unique components, they share several key elements. This quiz will allow you to review style, formatting, and citation guidelines you will be expected to do in your writing responses for this class.

Please highlight the correct answer in the following question


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Question 11 pts

Which one of these is not a formal citation style?








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Question 21 pts

How wide should your margins be?

Default 1 inch
2 centimeters


Half yard


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Question 31 pts

What must you include in your in-text citations?

Author last name
Your instructor’s name


Day published
Source location


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Question 41 pts

In a typical essay, what should be on the last page?

Works Cited or References


Introduction paragraph


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Question 51 pts

Which of these should be on the first page of your essay?



Disclosure statement


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Question 61 pts

True or False: Improper formatting can result in plagiarism penalties.



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Question 71 pts

Which of these is an acceptable font for writing your essays in?

Times New Roman
Comic Sans




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Question 81 pts

What punctuation mark do you use to denote a quote from an outside source?

Quotation mark “
Semicolon ;


Period .
Question mark ?


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Question 91 pts

True or False: The only reason anyone cites anything is because the teacher makes them. You’ll never use this in the real world.



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Question 101 pts

True or False: You should use block quote formatting when quoting three lines of prose or four lines of verse.




Part 3


Webbing Assignment

You have studied and discussed broad research topics in your Project 1 activities and assignments. As you are discovering, there are many different ways to explore a subtopic idea that you can investigate further.

One method of idea generation is a brainstorming web. This method involves you to make a series of linked circles, with each step of the web narrowing the focus of the topic. For this assignment, you will complete your own web to assist you in finding a subtopic that you may want to explore in your future projects.

You will be provided a word document with blank bubbles that you will be able to complete using your computer. You may also print out the Word document, scan it, and upload it.


Brainstorming Web Example File


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