Young’s five faces of oppression

Take some time and review recent Canadian news stories and decide on one case.
Select one of Young’s five faces of oppression.
Young, I. M. (2013). Five faces of oppression. In The community development reader (pp. 346-355). London, UK: Routledge.
Can be found at: <link is hidden> /> Provide evidence/facts that pinpoint the face of oppression you have identified.
Describe what the known, or what you think the impact, might be for the marginalized person or group.
How to prepare your Assignment

Your assignment will be no more than 1- 2 typed pages (double spaced, 12 font Times New Roman)
Citations are required and the paper must follow APA (6th edition) style.
Attach the news story; the article (news story), you are discussing.
Plus cover page with your name, student ID, date
You will lose marks if any of the above are not adhered to
canadian article please

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