Identify three (3) different characteristics of events that have implications for how they are marketed

21930 Promoting Events Spring 2018
Assessment 2: Essay (Individual)
The Brief
Events have specific characteristics that influence how they are marketed and promoted.
Identify three (3) different characteristics of events that have implications for how they are
Discuss these characteristics, analyze their marketing implications, and provide relevant
recommendations to event organizers/marketing managers.
• Format: Essay. Please review the Business School Guide to Writing Assignments.
• You are expected to draw on appropriate academic literature and industry examples
to underpin your arguments.
• The word count is 2500 words +-10% (excluding reference list). Please specify word
length at end of your essay.
• Submit your essay electronically through Turnitin.
• This assessment constitutes 40% of the overall subject grade.
• A signed Assignment Cover Sheet must be included in your submission.
• Due date is on Tuesday 18 September by 4.00pm.
• Late assignments submitted without an extension will incur a penalty of 10% per
day, based on the total value of the assignment.
21930 Promoting Events Spring 2018
Assessment criteria
Below expectation Meets expectation Above expectation
Grade F P C D HD
Essay (40%)
Knowledge and application of concepts
(20 marks)
• No/limited understanding of
• Limited application of concepts
• Sound understanding of
• Convincing application of
• In-depth understanding of
• Highly credible application of
Critical analysis
Originality of potential solutions/ideas/
(15 marks)
• Analysis is more descriptive than
critical, and/or many arguments
are disjointed;
• Analysis lacks sufficient detail
and/or is based on irrelevant
• No or few new ideas suggested, or
solutions proposed are copies of
existing ideas in event marketing
• Appropriate techniques used
to interpret and evaluate
relevant theory and data;
• Discussion is coherent and
focused and leads to logical
• Ideas/solutions are creative
modifications or
improvements of existing
concepts/event marketing
• Analysis demonstrates
application of appropriate
analytical techniques to relevant
• Discussion comprises insightful,
logical questioning and accurate
interpretation and assessment
of detailed evidence;
• Conclusions are valid and logical
and drawn from discussion.
• Ideas/solutions extend the
‘current’ boundaries of
understanding of event
marketing practice.
Appropriate style and presentation
(5 marks)
• Language is often inappropriate to
purpose and audience – too
• Claims within text are not
supported with properly cited
material; external sources are not
referenced or not correctly
• Distracting number of errors or
• Language is mainly appropriate
to purpose and audience –
• Claims within text are
supported with properly cited
material; few
omissions/inaccuracies in
referencing outside material.
• Few errors in formatting,
• A consistent use of precise and
effective language clearly
expressed using appropriate
terminology and providing
explanation of unfamiliar
terms/materials as required.
• Claims within text or appendices
are supported with thorough
documentation or citation as
21930 Promoting Events Spring 2018
inconsistencies in formatting,
grammar, punctuation and
sentence construction
• References do not follow UTS
Harvard Style.
grammar, punctuation and
sentence construction.
• References mainly follow UTS
Harvard Style.
necessary; other sources are
clearly and correctly referenced.
• Professional style and tone used
• Minimal errors in formatting,
grammar and punctuation and
sentence structure varied and
correct throughout.
• References are consistent with
UTS Harvard Style.