India: Global IT Management

Compose a well-written essay which addresses the questions below. Edit your responses with care so that you present yourself effectively to the selection committee

What is your interest in the host country?(India)

Write about how it interests you via IT
(Look IT companies up, Sightseeing)

Why are you applying to this program? In what specific ways will this program contribute to your overall academic and professional objectives?

Speak about how going to India for study abroad program will benefit you
(Networking, Outsourcing ,India companies relationships, Outlook on how they operate vs US)

Will this program lengthen your degree program at Indiana University? If so, explain why you feel it is academically relevant to do so. (No)
Life in another country involves significantly different living situations, academic environments and social customs. What experience and skills do you have that will help you cope with such differences?(Speak about Africa and how you can adapt in India)

What do you expect to be the most challenging aspects of studying abroad?

Speak about any challenges you’d think you would have traveling abroad

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Tell them about how passionate you are about Indiana University/Computer Information Technology as a degree

Is there anything about your academic record or information in your application that you would like to explain further?

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