the border management objectives

Activity 2.6  Customs Priorities

Check the websites of the USA and the Kenya Customs agencies at these links:





Identify whether the border management objectives of these country’s Customs agency has a revenue or community protection emphasis or a combination of both. Once you have made this posting, you are encouraged to join in with your study colleagues and ask questions or comment on other postings.  By responding to other postings by other students you will receive further credit for Assignment 1 participation.

Hint: It is interesting to note that in the USA it is the Department of Homeland Security that is the mother agency whereas the Kenya Customs Service is part of the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Perhaps this might indicate the priority of the USA compared to Kenya?


Part 2

  1. Your journal must not exceed 150 words
  2. using the APA 6th edition referencing style.

That is, you must include both an in text and an end of text reference in the APA style requirements.

  1. Your references are not part of the word count.



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