Hazardous spills a constant threat on Arizona’s roads


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I just finished going through the Code of Federal Regulations 49 and further reviewed its intent and why it is important in day to day operations. The Code of Federal Regulations 49 or CFR 49 is a document that is produced by the Federal Register National Archives and Record Administration to inform the public and government workers of the regulatory guidance put in place. Title 49 governs the transportation of hazardous materials and gives detailed information on rules and regulations for preparing, shipping, and handling of hazardous materials. If we works with these materials it is important for us to understand the regulatory guidelines required in daily operations. This document gives a plethora of information pertaining to the transportation of hazardous materials. Its gives regulatory guidelines for the class of hazardous materials, quantities permitted in shipments, packaging requirements, safety measures, documentation requirements, placards and marking requirements and even training and safety requirements. This document is important aspect of day to day operations because of the important information it contains. The CFR is important for the safety of our environment and people and teaches the individuals and users of the regulations that are in place to monitor and protect the safety of people, and the environment from transportation of materials.

Without this document outlining all of this detailed information, individuals working in day to day operations could fail to meet the regulations put in place for managing the safety of people and the environment. This regulations is designed to keep everyone safe and without the document there could be a higher chances of incidents such as spills. Without CFR Title 49 staying within the regulatory guidelines for transportation of dangerous materials would be incredibly difficult to maintain.

49 CFR 49 – Transportation. (2014, October 1). Retrieved September 17, 2018, from https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/granule/CFR-2014-title49-vol3/CFR-2014-title49-vol3

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Good morning Dr. H and fellow classmates,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Lets get this week going. This week we are talking about the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 49 and what makes the regulation important aspect of the day-to-day operation.

CFR 49 is a set of regulations that covers the guide lines when it comes to hazardous materials. It covers how to properly label the material, handle the material, shipping paperwork, transportation and storage of the hazardous material.

There is a section of the CFR 49 that covers each mode of transportation. Since no mode of transportation is the same. This will guide the shipper or worker on what needs to be done to safely transport the hazmat from one place to another.

With out the guideline on CFR 49, there would be nothing set in place to safely transport the hazardous materials. Truck drivers might not placard a load so they could take a short cut. Shippers wouldn’t take the steps to label the hazards of the product. In the long run, the public and the environment would be put into harms way.

The CFR 49 is important to the everyday operation. Which out it, there would be more death or injuries caused by hazardous materials. If there was an accident involving hazardous material and the package wasn’t labeled, someone could get injured or die. Companies might cut corners in hopes to save a buck instead of doing the right thing. Not to mention the damage the material would cause to the environment and to the wild life.

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49 CFR is important because it covers safety, security, packaging and regulations for hazardous material. This CFR impacts day to day operations because if the regulations and packaging guidelines are not followed it could result in fines on the shipping company or the harm of an individual. The federal government designed these regulations to ensure that companies shipped product responsibly and safety. Packaging is a major portion of this title because it sets the guidelines for the specific box thickness and tests to make sure no spills or leaks occur. Security of hazardous material is also important to day to day activities because if stolen it could result in harm to a large group of people. Also if the product is not secured and an accident occurs the product could leak or explode damaging the environment. These are all things that companies must consider when handling hazardous material.

Without these regulations companies would ship material in any way that was the cheapest leading to accidents, personnel damage, and environmental harm. Companies also would not have guidelines to protect products from theft or shipping guidelines. Companies will do anything to cut costs and regulations prevents that from happening because companies do not want to run the risk of being fined. Hazardous material is dangerous when handled improperly, so regulations force companies to handle with care and protect the industry.


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This week we are talking about hazardous waste and how the 49 CFR relates and why it’s important.  In Arizona there are several cases of vehicles involved in accidents and hazardous spills.  In one case in March 2011 it took over 80,000 gallons of water to contain a fuel tanker fire on a highway.  This is a case of why the 49 CFR is important.  By having the information on what was inside the tanker rescue workers where able to address the incident quickly and not spread the fire.  Without the 49 CFR rescue teams would have to either guess or let the fire burn itself out.  According to the article over the last 10 years over 2,000 accidents involving hazardous materials have resulted in death. fire, injury, and costly clean up across Arizona alone.  When companies try and avoid following the 49 CFR and there is an accident they can get into a lot of trouble.

Another reason the 49 CFR is important to have and follow is nuclear material does not get placards and is limited to the routes it is aloud to travel.  This is important because while small amounts may not be as much of an issue a large amount that leaks could greatly jeopardize a town or even a state.  If a truck caring nuclear waste has a spill on a damn and that waste spills into the water the entire path of that water would then be effected.  With the 49 CFR and the limits of some waste shipments are safer.

Sandler, G. (2018). Hazardous spills a constant threat on Arizona’s roads.  Retrieved from http://www.ahwatukee.com/news/article_7d4d4d8a-abb3-11e8-b188-7b629215150c.html

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