Examining reasons for a high crime rate in a particular urban neighborhood

Assignment #1 Discipline Review

Your task in this assignment is to use two or more of the disciplines we have covered or will cover over the past two weeks (Geography and its sub-disciplines; Cartography; History; Anthropology) to propose a method for solving a particular type of problem. Additionally, you will provide a brief overview of the disciplines you have chosen.
The format and guidelines for the paper are as follows: approx. 2-3 pages in length; 12 point font; a conservative, standard font type (Times New Roman, Arial etc.); 1-inch margins; double spaced.
Your name should go at top right of paper. Just below it and identifier for the assignment (<link is hidden> Assignment #1, Review #1)
Your paper should contain a brief introductory statement indicating the problem you have chosen and the disciplines you will be using.
Your first paragraph should contain a summary of the discipline and its methodology, followed by a subsequent paragraph summarizing your second discipline (and an additional paragraph for each subsequent discipline if used).
The remainder of the paper should contain a brief proposal of how you might utilize each discipline’s methods to collect data useful for solving the problem, and then propose an integrated approach of the disciplines to create a study or resolution of the problem.
Please choose one of the following problems as a basis for your paper:

1. Examining reasons for a high crime rate in a particular urban neighborhood

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