Technical and Business Communications

Technical and Business Communications

Instructions for Email Assignment

  1. Assignment Rationale

As stated in your textbook, “A claim letter [email] is a polite, reasonable complaint.” Chances are at some point in your life you purchased a defective product or received poor service. You may have even expressed your dissatisfaction in person or on the phone. However, depending on your verbal skill, you may have failed to get what you wanted. By writing a convincing claim email, you increase the chances of getting what you want. Most organizations know that dissatisfied customers are bad for business, so they have an interest in keeping you satisfied. When you present your case in writing with a sense of fairness and respect, the organization will probably comply with at least part or even all of your wishes.

II. Assignment Scenarios
For this assignment, you will write an email that responds to one of the three scenarios listed below.

  1. Poor Service at B&B Muffler and Automotive, Austin, TX.
    You had the oil changed on your vehicle and the next day you noticed a large puddle of oil underneath your vehicle. Looking underneath the car you notice that the oil plug is missing, which allowed all of the oil to leak out onto your driveway. In an attempt to resolve this problem, you call B&B on the phone, but the Service Manager tells you his shop is so busy that they cannot address your problem until next week. The company’s policy stated on the back of the receipt states that the warranty “Covers Parts and Labor on Qualifying Repairs and Services for 24 Months/24,000 Miles.”

Purpose: To persuade your audience that you deserve compensation for poor service.

Audience: Mike Heide, Owner/Shop Manager

Research: Go to the company’s website at and find at least 2 statements about Mike Heide and 2 statements about the company that you can use in your email. Integrate these statements into your writing to convince your audience that you deserve compensation. For example, you could include the following:

B&B’s Code of Ethics states that your employees are “… dedicated to our customers and their service needs.” I think you would agree that failing to promptly resolve a problem created by your employees is not in line with your ethics.


  1. Late Delivery of Costume at
    In preparation for a Halloween party, you purchased a costume online. Although the company’s website promises delivery within 10 days, you did not receive the costume until 15 days later, too late for the party. You called the company, but the Customer Service Representative told you all sales are final and refused to provide any compensation.

Purpose: To persuade your audience that you deserve compensation for poor service.

Audience: Tom Fallenstein, CEO

Research: Go to the company’s website at to find at least 2 statements about the company, and then use Google to locate the LinkedIn page for Tom Fallenstein to find at least 2 statements about him. Integrate these statements into your writing to convince your audience that you deserve compensation. For example, you could include the following:

As a former Web developer, I’m sure you understand that online delivery doesn’t always work as intended, and that it’s important for your customer service representatives to assist your customers when this happens. 

  1. Create Your Own Scenario. As your third option, you can create your own scenario or base a scenario on your personal experience. However, if you choose this option, you must send me an email explaining your scenario, purpose, and audience. Also include websites you plan to research. Finally, you must obtain my approval in writing to receive credit for the assignment.



III. Required Content
In your email clearly and respectfully communicate the following to your audience:

  1. A detailed description of what happened,
  2. The terms of your agreement with the organization,
  3. How the organization failed to live up to the agreement,
  4. Any financial or other injury you endured, and
  5. A fair-minded solution that compensates your loss.
  6. Format
    Use the traditional email format as shown below. In the subject line write a 5 to 7 word title that describes the subject and purpose of the email. Also, use traditional conventions of formal writing such as single spacing within paragraphs, double spacing between paragraphs, and 11-point Times New Roman font.

From: Harry Nilsson < >
To: John Lennon <>
Sent: May 14, 1974
Subject: Follow-up to our conversation on new album

Dear Mr. Lennon:

I’ve attached a copy of my press kit, which you requested when we spoke on the telephone yesterday. Among other things, the press kit contains songs I’ve written, stories in which I’ve been quoted, and biographies of me.

I look forward to jamming with you the week of June 5. Thank you very much for collaborating on our recent album, Pussy Cats. I’ll speak with you soon.

Best Regards,

Harry Nilsson



  1. Grading Criteria
  • Content/Length (35%): Address all five areas of the Required Content listed above in 250 to 300 words. Also, include a clear title for the subject line of your email that explains both the subject and purpose of your email.
  • Research (15%): Integrate at least 4 relevant statements from your research into the content of your email.
  • Style (20%): Create a professional style by addressing (1) level of formality; (2) the “you” attitude; and (3) spelling, jargon, clichés, and wordiness, and (4) salutation, subject line, and complimentary close.
  • Mechanics (20%): Proofread your writing and correct any mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Format (10%): Emulate the traditional email format as shown in section IV above.
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